We have never faced a situation like the Covid19 pandemic. Where every place and every person on the planet is affected.

Unprecedented situations bring with them unprecedented problems that are beyond the capabilities of regular disaster-management protocols.

We believe that local issues arising from this situation demand local and immediate intervention. Considering everyone is affected, we see a growing determination among citizens to participate in the fightback at the local community level. And the desire to see direct and immediate action.

This is what led us to start Thoda Bahut, to enable local giving for local and immediate intervention. Being based in Bengaluru made it possible for us to create Bengaluru-based beneficiary-supplier chains that are effective from Day 1.

Thoda Bahut is a community initiative running as an open platform that any community can employ to address their local and immediate needs.

At Thoda Bahut, we really believe that the addition of people from across different streams can amplify the effort. You can join the governing council or be an organisation-level sponsor and champion intervention in another city/community. Read FAQs.

We really believe that many want to contribute. And that many littles can make a big difference.

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